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Anytone BT-01 Bluetooth Speaker Microphone for AT-D578UV Series Mobiles


The BT-01 Bluetooth speaker microphone gives you complete remote operation of all the functions and features available on your  D578UV series mobile. Large 2.2 inch display and front fire speaker with clear audio. Includes 3 user programable side keys for quick access to assigned functionality. Built in Bluetooth connectivity with up to 30ft of range.

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The AnyTone BT-01 Bluetooth Speaker Microphones allow for the full remote operation of all features and functions available on the D578UV, AT-D578UV PRO, AT-D578UV III PRO, AT-D578UV PLUS and AT-D578UV III PLUS DMR mobile transceivers. This simplifies mobile installations by allowing flexible transceiver mounting options like under the seat, in the trunk, or any other convenient mounting location.

The BT-01 features a 2.2 inch color LCD display, larger than the 1.7 inch display built into theD578UV series mobile transceivers! Additional visual feedback to the operator is provided by two multi-color LEDs on the front panel. The built in speaker delivers 1 full Watt of audio power and is clear and easy to understand, even in loud environments.

Operating the BT-01 with one of the supported transceivers is possible with a convenient Bluetooth wireless connection, as well as the included 13 ft. hardwired connection cable. The integrated 3.7 VDC, 1800 mAh battery is rechargeable with the included USB-C cable when connected to the built in USB port. The BT-01 battery is charged automatically when it’s hardwired to a transceiver.

The BT-01 features a simple and intuitive user configuration. Assign frequently used functions to the 3 programmable side keys below the PTT for quick access to these assigned functions. The holding time of these keys is customizable in three steps, with a total of 9 functions that are assignable to these keys. The ‘programming’ can be done via the Bluetooth menu in the software of the mobile transceiver, as well as directly on the BT-01 microphone. The operating concept of the BT-01 is based on the familiar AnyTone concept, zones and channels are switched using the up/down buttons and direct frequency entries are entered with the illuminated numeric keypad.


  • Channel Select
  • Zone Select
  • Volume Adjust
  • User Programable P1, P2, and P3 functionality
  • Includes removeable microphone cable
  • Up to 12 hours of operation on a full charge
  • Charging status indicator

Full Compatibility with the following AnyTone Models:

  • AT-D578UV PRO
  • AT-D578UV PLUS

Wired Only Compatibility (NO BLUETOOTH!):

  • AT-D578UV
  • AT-D578UVIII

Included Accessories:

  • Belt Clip
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 13 ft. Alternate Connection Cable




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