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Blue Sea 1830 M2 DC Multimeter with SoC


Accurately measures 1 battery bank’s state-of-charge and tracks 2 additional voltages for a full power system overview. Easily readable day or night with OLED display. Includes 500A rated shunt.

Accurately measure and monitor the state-of-charge of your batteries. Supports programmable shunt ratios.

  • Accurately measures and monitors State-of-Charge of 1 bank
  • Measures 3 voltages and 1 current
  • Supports programmable shunt ratios
  • External relay activation
Specification Heading Specification Detail
Resolution 0.01V DC
Input Voltage Range 7-70V DC
Alarms High Current, High/Low Voltage, and Low Battery
Current Range -500 to 500A
Display Size 55mm x 28mm
Maximum Power Consumption 1.0 Watt
Minimum Power Consumption 0.3 Watt
Voltage Accuracy ± 1.0%
IP Rating IP66


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