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Blue Sea 1838 M2 AC Multimeter


Monitors AC Amps, Volts, Hzs on large, bright display. Supports programmable current transformer ratios. Accurately measure and monitor AC amperage, voltage and Hz. (measures 2 voltages and 2 circuits)

  • Auto-dimming, bright OLED display is easy to read
  • Easy to adjust
  • 80dB alarm on all models
  • Isolated MOSFET relay
Specification Heading Specification Detail
Weight 4.1 lbs
Meter Function (AC) Current | Frequency | Power | Voltage
Function 50 to 250V (up to 300A)
Resolution 1V AC
Input Voltage 7-70V DC
Alarms Current | Frequency | Voltage
Current Accuracy +/- 2.0%
Display Size 55mm x 28mm
Frequency Range 40-90Hz
Frequency Resolution 1Hz
Maximum Power Consumption 1.0 W
Minimum Power Consumption 0.3W
Power Range 0-45kW
Power Resolution 10W (0-9990W) | 0.1kW (10-45kW)
Voltage Accuracy +/- 2.0%


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