Blue Sea 7520 P12 Battery Charger LED Remote


Indicates battery charger stage, communicates alerts, and controls basic battery charger functions. Works with 25A and 40A P12 Battery Chargers.

LED Indicators

  • Charging: Quick check confirms charging
  • Charge Stage: Displays charging stage
  • Equalize: Indicates Equalization mode
  • Fan Mode: Indicates internal fan mode
  • Charge Output: Indicates the output current of each battery
  • Alert: Provides alert status for quick diagnosis

Four Control Buttons

  • Fan: User adjustable settings (Off, Low, or High)
  • Dim/Alarm: LED brightness and alarm silence
  • Output: User adjustable to lower AC current draw
  • Standby: Puts charger in standby mode
Weight 0.67 lbs
Dimensions 4.15 × 3.01 × .95 in

Blue Sea Systems

Component Type

Charger Accessory


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