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Egis Mobile Electric 2602B PDM 14 Circuit + Ground, 175 A, 12 V


Compact solutiuon combines intelligent battery protection, power switching, circuit protection, and ground bus return in one unit. Reduces install space and costs with functions in one unit.


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50 - 99 $140.24
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Compact Solution Combines Intelligent Battery Protection, Power Switching, Circuit Protection, Ground Return Buss, and Optional Manual Override Switch.

Reduce Install Space and Total Installed Cost with Four (4) Separate Functions in One Product.

Three (3) High-Amp (1-45A) Outputs Allow Protection All Circuits with One Solution.

Three Output Groups Independently Set to 24/7, Ignition Switched, or Time Delay.

Expandable Up to 31 Fused Outputs with RT or CT series Fuse Blocks.

Ultra-Low Power Draw eliminates vehicle downtime due to dead batteries. Lowest off-state current draw (1.3 mA).

Optional Under and Over Voltage Protection prevents battery and electrical load damage, can optionally be applied to 24/7 configured outputs for additional protection.

LED Indicators for On/Off, Blown Fuse Indication, or Voltage/Temp Abnormalities

Ignition or V-Sense Trigger options for on/off.

Remote and Local Kill Switch Options: Provide unique ability to siolate all auxilliary loads, inclduing optional outputs set to 24/7.

Specification Heading Specification Detail
Length 5 in
Width 3.55 in
Height 1.51 in
Weight 0.8 lbs
Nominal Voltage 12V DC
Input Voltage Range 8.0-18.0V DC
Continuous Current Rating (Total) 175A
Max Current Rating per Group (#1 and #2) 75A
Max Current Rating per Group (#3A) 40A
Max Current Rating per Group (#3B)) 75A
Max Output Current (Single/Parallel) 25A / 45A
Operating Current Draw (All Groups On) 30 mA
Operating Current Draw (Hibernation) 1.3 mA
Minimum Cable Size for Ratings 1AWG
Maximum Cable Size 1/0
Terminal Stud Torque / Max Torque 60 in-lbs / 80 in-lbs
Time Delay Range (via Dip Switch) 0 sec - 10 hr + 24/7


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