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Samlex EVO-30AB 30 Amp Solar Charge Controller


Use the Samlex EVO-30AB Charge Controller as a stand-alone 30 amp solar charge controller or expand functionality of the EVO-RC-PLUS as the central display for both your EVO inverter/charger and your solar system.

  • When connected to the EVO™ inverter/charger, the EVO-30AB will follow the programming set in the unit.
  • Add the EVO-RC-PLUS and it will display status for both the EVO™ inverter/charger and solar system from ONE remote display
  • Compatible with most battery types including Lead Acid and Lithium-Ion (LiFePO4) batteries.
  • Manage multiple panels up to 600W in a 12V system, or up to 1000W in a 24V system under specified conditions
  • 30 Amp charging capacity
  • 8 charge settings for different batteries
  • Selectable battery equalization option
  • Use with 12/24V batteries
  • Compatible with EVO-RC-PLUS Remote Display (Optional)
  • Increased functionality when used with an EVO™ Series Inverter/Charger

Optional 30AB-TS Battery Temperature Sensor available.


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